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Notable Project – Porphyry Pavers and Sanded Epoxy Jointing Mortar

Location: Central Oklahoma In designing their large, elegant property, the homeowners wanted an entrance and driveway to complement their new home and create a bold statement. They wanted a beautiful, quality, low-maintenance solution. Inspired by a classic European stone theme, the final product would need to create visual interest and take into account the terrain... Read More

Benefits of Driveway Paving Stones

Most driveways are paved with concrete.  However, concrete cracks easily, gets stained, and needs a complete overhaul if damaged.  Paving stones, on the other hand, are not only aesthetically pleasing, but offer added value: Durable – Paving stones can handle the weight of vehicles without cracking like concrete. Sealants – Prevent stains from oil leaks... Read More

Porphyry Paver Landscaping Ideas

Porphyry pavers make an exceptional addition to any landscaping project.  They are durable, non-slippery, and even get more beautiful as they age.  Here are some ideas to incorporate porphyry into your next project: Replace old concrete slabs with pavers in your patio or BBQ area. Create a meandering path or walkway through your garden. Use... Read More

Porphyry: The stone for everyone

Putting Personality into Design People pour their heart and souls into their homes. Home is where special memories are created and milestone moments of people’s lives occur. So it makes sense that your home should reflect you, right? If you’re a functional, low maintenance person than porphyry pavers are for you. They require little to... Read More

Why Porphyry Makes the Perfect Paver

Natural Stone Pavers Last a Lifetime Porphyry deposits are formed when a column of rising magma is cooled in two stages.  In the first stage, the magma is cooled slowly in the earth’s crust. In the second stage the magma cools rapidly at a shallow depth (or as it erupts from a volcano). Although used throughout... Read More

The Norwegian Method to prevent grout failure

Use the Norwegian Method as a unit paver joint failure solution! A common problem in cold places, unit paver (brick, concrete, natural stone) installation begin to break apart and the grout fails. Heavy freeze thaw areas only make this problem worse. Milestone Imports provides sanded epoxy jointing mortars which stops that from happening! These products have been... Read More

GftK sanded epoxy Jointing Mortar case study

Several years ago Milestone Imports was contacted by a frustrated shopping center owner in Illinois. He had purchased Porphyry pavers for a center he was improving. After just one very cold winter his installation was beginning to fail. For Milestone Imports, GftK sanded epoxy Jointing Mortar was the clear choice.  The jointing material was degrading allowing... Read More

Natural Stone Permeable Paving System

Permeable paving systems are getting a lot of attention and are becoming a part of construction codes in many areas recognizing the need for innovative storm water management measures. Low impact, sustainable permeable paving systems (SPPS) have been used throughout Europe for decades showing that it is a valuable solution, when done correctly, with the... Read More

Project Feature: Alamo, CA.

A beautiful home with a captivating view resting on the top of a hill outside of Oakland At first site you could see that the Alamo, CA lot was going to be a challenge. The driveway would be a short, steep climb up to the crest of the hill. The view from up there offered... Read More

Sawn Edge vs. Snap Edge

Sawn Edge vs. Snap Edge porphyry can make a big difference in the look and feel of your final installation. A sawn edge gives a clean, straight, smooth edge that allows you to put the tiles closer together with a minimal grout joint, as little as 3/16 of an inch.     A snap cut edge... Read More

Porphyry Green Attributes

Sustainability Porphyry is a type of igneous rock which, along with granite and other rock formations, makeup approximately 95 percent of the worlds “crust” which contributes to porphyry green attributes. These rocks are the result of intense volcanic activity begun over 260 million years ago. Highly valued for its appearance, Porphyry natural stone pavers have... Read More

Project Feature: Arizona Fans

Throughout history, starting more than 2,100 years ago, Porphyry paving stones have been used to stabilize roads. Different patterns were designed for roads to meet the challenges of the varied terrains. Once in place they needed to hold up to years of heavy use with a minimum of maintenance. Arc patterns, also know as fans, were... Read More

Gris Claro

It is a large quarry with variable colors that produce large sizes, up to 16”x 16” with snap cut or saw cut edges. Delivery Time: 60-90 Days TypeSizeThickness Cubes 2 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ 2 3/4″ – 3 1/2″   3 1/4″- 4 1/4″ 3 1/4″ – 4 1/4″   Snap Cut Pavers 4″ x... Read More

Basalto Nero

It is a large quarry with variable colors that produce large sizes, up to 16”x 16” with snap cut or saw cut edges. Delivery Time: 60-90 Days TypeSizeThickness Cubes 2 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ 2 3/4″ – 3 1/2″   3 1/4″- 4 1/4″ 3 1/4″ – 4 1/4″   Snap Cut Pavers 4″ x... Read More

Sustainable Permeable Paving System

Sustainable Permeable Paving System There is a lot of information on the numerous Permeable Paving Design Concepts and the different materials being offered in today’s market place. Many are flawed in there design limiting weight and traffic and most require increasing maintenance over the years. It is much more difficult to find solid information on... Read More

3 Types of Material for Your Driveway

Gravel – Gravel is one of the most popular types of material to use for driveways in the US. It’s cheap and easy to install. It does have a downside, though. The maintenance can be extremely hard, especially if you’re in a snowy region. Stone tiles – If you’re looking for a style that will... Read More

Using Porphryry To Enhance Your Home's Look

Porphryry is a type of stone used for its beauty, function, and durability, and if you’re a homeowner, you should use it to provide an unrivaled aesthetic that will properly express yourself and compliment your home. Since your home is an extension of your personality, you’re going to want choices and fortunately, there are a... Read More

3 Tips for Increasing Patio Durability

Weatherproof Fabrics: Are you worried about the elements ruining your patio furniture? Recover every piece with weatherproof fabrics, to help increase their abilities to weather every storm. Enclose: A great way to keep the elements away from your patio is by enclosing it in a permanent or retractable screen. These screens can also help protect... Read More

3 Great Materials for Paving Your Driveway

Cement: Cement is an easily moldable and cost effective material for driveway paving. Brick: Bricks lend a classic look to any driveway. Whether they are laid in a basket weave, herringbone, or radius pattern, bricks give homeowners the opportunity to customize their driveways with a unique pattern all their own.  Porphyry: Are you looking to... Read More

Porphyry Stone Among Incredible Art

Porphyry in this installation is paired with other beautiful stones and mosaics for an amazing experience.  When I have visited other Porphyry installations, the Porphyry is the prominent feature.  At this beautiful church, the Porphyry shares the spotlight with stone carvings, stone and glass mosaics, frescoes and a one of a kind pipe organ.  ... Read More

GftK Jointing Mortar Installation Video

GftK jointing mortar can be used in streets, public plaza’s, market squares, commercial developments, parking areas, pedestrian areas and for all types of garden patios and landscaping projects.  You select and specify the GftK product that fits your project, traffic load, and permeability situation. The advanced GftK Pavement Jointing Mortars are engineered and produced in... Read More

Porphyry Paving with Smolleri

Porphyry paving with  Smolleri or “Slabs on Edge” is traditionally used  for paving surfaces on steep slopes as they present the maximum roughness and the natural split surface is used as a decking for grip.  Smolleri are ideal for the paving of roundabouts and other high stress traffic situations. Smolleri can add textural variation to  contemporary paving schemes... Read More

Seonyudo Park uses Stone Cubes

Stones like Porphyry stone cubes are used to create an amazing landscape artform that serves as a children’s water playground.  It has been described as rows of stone tiles on a sand dune.  The installation is part of the award winning Soenyudo Park in Seoul, South Korea. Seonyudo Park was made utilizing the previous filtration... Read More

Porphyry Paving by the Book

When we look at a finished residential Porphyry paving project, we are taken with the beauty and symmetry of the finished project. Back up for a moment and think of the design process, the selection of material, the estimating, the grading, the drainage decisions, the layers of material we no longer see, and you will... Read More

City Park Featuring Porphyry Honored

Porphyry Paving is Prominent Element Porphyry paving along with many additional amenities and design elements in Cincinnati’s Washington Park are recognized by a national organization. Each month, City Parks Alliance recognizes a “Frontline Park” to promote and highlight inspiring examples of urban park excellence, innovation, and stewardship across the country. The program also seeks to... Read More

Porphyry’s role in Living Streets

Porphyry and other natural stone products are seen throughout this report, used as specialized paving elements.  Most of the concepts here revolve around traffic calming and storm water management embracing the multiple users of our streets, not just motorized vehicles. “Living streets have no separate sidewalks or curbs and gutters, but rather provide a shared... Read More

Porphyry Paving and Great Places

Porphyry paving and other paving stones have been designed into the unique and special paving materials called for in the creation of great new places or the refurbishment of existing places. Discussions, plans, and designs for “Great Streets” are popping up everywhere, and the universal concepts are about pedestrian oriented space, an economically viable mix... Read More

Porphyry and Widemarsh Street

Granite curbs and porphyry setts have been used to establish a low-speed, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment intended to boost the attractiveness and economic prosperity of this key shopping street. Widemarsh Street in Hereford, England has been rebuilt to designs by Hamilton-Baillie Associates, working with Powell Dobson Urbanists, Anthony Jellard Associates and Amey. The project involved... Read More

Porphyry and Living Streets

Porphyry stone surfaces on sidewalks, streets and plazas create memorable and enchanting environments. Stone is prominent in our most cherished streets worldwide. They were developed before the age of the automobile.  These historic and human scaled streets invite people to spend time there. Today, society is moving toward a more sustainable way of life, with... Read More

Porphyry in the Vatican

Porphyry pavers in various sizes are used now to improve the surfaces of all hardscape projects. Once, there was a more decorative use for porphyry in the interior. Rome and especially the Vatican are filled with imperial porphyry. The museums, churches and chapels of Vatican City have more imperial porphyry as sculpture and decoration than... Read More

Porphyry Pavers and GftK High Performance Jointing Mortars

Breakthrough high performance jointing mortars coupled with Porphyry stone paving products provides the strength, beauty and durability needed for commercial applications. The following project shows how these were used together in the Newark Market  Square in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Since 1999, Newark District Council has been undertaking an improvement program to the medieval market square using... Read More

Porphyry and Stone Interiors

Natural stone like Porphyry is making a great comeback in homes with a contemporary design. Stone is non polluting, durable, maintainable and sometimes more affordable than in the past and appeals to designers and project owners alike, attracted by stone’s timeliness. Another in the fabulous Stone Notebooks series, devoted to Stone and Architecture – Interiors is available... Read More

Will New Projects use Porphyry?

Three new projects have been awarded to design teams with congratulations.  In each case, the use of Porphyry paving surfaces would enhance them. This stone of memories would serve all of them well. Kennedy Center-Plaza Project Steven Holl Architects have been selected to design a new, 60,000 square foot addition to the prestigious John F.... Read More

Porphyry paving and the Glasgow Financial District

Porphyry paving was incorporated into this project to give it special status. This project comprehensively refurbished the public realm of six streets and formed an essential part of the Broomielaw area’s renaissance as part of the Glasgow International Financial Services District. Since completion, investment in the area has accelerated and new developments are rapidly coming... Read More

Queens Quay remake begins

Porphyry like natural stone cobbles and setts are front and center in several of Waterfront Toronto’s projects, adding permanence, beauty and creating a fundamental sense of place. The role of natural stone is evident throughout many of the projects. Granite is used in these, but porphyry could be substituted for the same durable and attractive... Read More

Porphyry and New City Spaces

Porphyry and other stone pavers are throughout this book about important examples of urban public spaces worldwide. The upsurge in interest in public spaces and public life over the past twenty five years has generated an impressive array of city plans, public space strategies, and designs. This book presents an overview of this development and... Read More

Porphyry and Urban Streets

“We go back to some streets more often than to others… maybe a street unlocks memories or offers expectation of something pleasant to be seen…streets are places of social and commercial encounter and exchange…a place to be comforted by the presence of others.”  – From Great Streets by Allan B Jacobs Porphyry pavers have been used... Read More

Porphyry and the Quality of Place

Can beautiful Porphyry pavers make you smarter, more creative and like your community more?  From three diverse expert sources comes information about how the built environment affects people and why it matters. Academy for Neuroscience for Architecture This is admittedly an abstract concept, to help explain, architects often tell this story: Early in his career, when... Read More


This is a new Porphyry for us, bringing in our first containers in the Spring of 2008. It is a large quarry with consistent color that produces the largest sizes available, up to 16”x 16” and available in 2” or 3” thickness with snap cut or saw cut edges.

Storm Grey

Predominately Gun Metal Grey with approximately 5 % each rusty reds and golds. A very high quality, hard to find, Patagonian Porphyry produced to very high standards. This is an exceptional Porphyry It is available in 2", 3" & 4" cubes, 2" & 3" thickness +/- 1/2" and 5 different widths from 4" - 16" . Snap cut and sawn edges available.

Copper Mountain

The classic Porphyry. The quarry has been continuously producing this Porphyry with its alluring bold mixture of terra cotta, rose, gray, green, purple & gold since 1996. It is available in 3 sizes of cubes, 5 different widths and 4 thicknesses.

Porphyry Salutes Michael Van Valkenburg Associates

Porphyry paving stone, with its natural beauty and physical qualities is a material that will enhance Austin’s Waller Creek project. “Waller Creek represents the largest urban creek in the nation to undergo the level of transformation the conservancy envisions.  This project will completely transform how disconnected entities and interests relate and interact with each other.... Read More

Porphyry – Stone Surfaces 2

Porphyry stone pavers can have a unique place in the design of any outdoor area. Stone is undoubtedly the first natural material which was used to create stable surfaces which could withstand heavy loads, making it possible for people to walk around easily, even when it was raining – safe and comfortable at the same... Read More

Porphyry Pavers and the iPhone

For all porphyry paver lovers, there is a great wallpaper for your iPhone.  Go to Settings>Brightness and Wallpaper>Wallpaper and select the grey porphyry fan pattern. If you prefer the Copper Mountain Porphyry, just save this picture and select it from your camera roll for wallpaper.     We got excited about the subject and found... Read More

Porphyry and the Terminated Vista

Porphyry pavers are used to enhance the experience in many examples of places with a terminated vista. While there are many other elements present, which lead to the special experience of these views, the stone paving lends permanence and visual memory to these elements.  An alley in Portland, Maine; a street in Paris; or a... Read More

Porphyry and the Opus Incertum

Porphyry – Opus Incertum or Porphyry crazy paving is most suitable for surfacing external areas like patios, drives, pavements or external and internal wainscoting. It complements designs with water and vegetation, assuring warmth and color in the environment. Opus incertum (L, = irregular order pattern) Ancient roman technique in which the stones are arranged casually. Used... Read More

Porphyry and Complete Streets

Porphyry stone paving is an important ingredient in creating streets as public spaces that are memorable and used by many. It fulfills this complete street goal: Visual Excellence: Improving the overall aesthetic with an emphasis on high quality, lasting design and materials. Much has been written recently about the concept of complete streets.  A complete street recognizes... Read More

Porphyry and Historic Renovation

Copper Mountain Porphyry pavers and cubes were chosen for the sidewalks, plaza and courtyard of the Dona Ana Village restoration.  It is interesting that porphyry was not part of the original paving material at the site, but the beauty and physical characteristics became an easy choice. It blends perfectly in this historic context and will outlast any... Read More

Porphyry Pavers – A Unifying Theme

Porphyry pavers ability to be used indoors and outdoors make the material perfect for connecting these spaces.  It can unify the architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.  The recent publication featured below, explores these vital connections and interfaces. “The current environmental crisis calls for a unified practice of landscape and architecture that would allow buildings... Read More