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Famous Stone Guide




Famous Stone Guide DOWNLOAD PDF


This is a must have publication for the design, specification and construction of stone paving.

Now is your chance to get the out of print Natural Stone Surfacing – Good Practice Guide  in the updated 2004 Edition. This publication was developed by the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS)  to address the declining knowledge base in Scotland regarding installing and maitaining natural stone pavers like Porphyry in city center street installations. In the 1950’s as many as 30% of Scottish streets were paved with stone.

  • Engineering based guidance for designing and installing stone pavers.
  • Understand the issues inherent in the use of natural stone in pavements.
  • Sections devoted to specifying, designing, installation and maintenance.
  • Illustrations, charts and photography accompany the rich text.

Get the benefit of the lost knowledge and skills from generations of undocumented word of mouth that were recreated from an engineering point of view.  You will want this reference guide near you when you work with this topic.