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Copper Mountain

Test Method Value Norm
Modulus of Rupture 1,900 psi ASTM C99
Compressive Strength 17,622 psi ASTM C170
Flexural Strength 3810.0 ASTM C880
Flexural Strength 3141 ASTM C880
Absorption 0.647% ASTM C97
Density 160 lbs / cf3 ASTM C97
Static Coefficient of Friction 0.62 ASTM C1028
Abrasion Resistance 70.92 ASTM C241


Storm Grey & Sierra

ASTM DATA Patagonia Storm Gray Measure Result
ASTM C97 Density lb/cf3 160.5
ASTM C170 Compressive Strength psi 27557
ASTM C880 Flexural Strength psi 38100
ASTM C99 Modulus of Rupture psi 3042
ASTM C1028 Static Coefficient of Friction 0.62
ASTM C241 Abrasion Resistance 70.92
ASTM C97 Absorption 0.0042