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Colors & Sizes

Storm Grey

Storm Gray

Predominately Gun Metal Grey with approximately 5 % each rusty reds and golds. A very high quality, hard to find, Patagonian Porphyry produced to very high standards. This is… Read More »

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain

The classic Porphyry. The quarry has been continuously producing this Porphyry with its alluring bold mixture of terra cotta, rose, gray, green, purple & gold since 1996. It is… Read More »


Gris Claro

A very consistent light Grey color with subtle movement which enhances the grey tones and adds to a balanced appearance. Read More »


Basalto Nero 

A very consistent and vibrant medium black color that shows texture well. Read More »

Cerro Marron

Cerro Marron 

A variable color with natural marks and stains that highlight the organic hue. Read More »