Paving With Porphyry Has
Never Been So Easy

Stone Paving Technologies from Milestone Imports

You shouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation …. and you shouldn’t lay Porphyry paving stones without high-performance, jointing mortar (grout) to ensure long-lasting results.

At Milestone Imports, we provide our customers with aesthetic, yet durable, stone and grout to accomplish commercial, civic, or residential projects of all sizes. 

The GftK Paving Joint Mortar Difference

As a fast, durable, and cost-effective solution, GftK paving joint mortars are your number one choice for protecting and extending the life of paved surfaces like those with porphyry stone

We have decades of experience supplying successful installations on a wide spectrum of projects and have worked with countless landscape architects to see their projects come together.

Check out the success of various commercial, civic, and residential
projects achieved with the help of our jointing mortar products

Interested in bringing your next project to life with the power of Porphyry pavers and GftK paving joint mortars?

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