Benefits of Driveway Paving Stones

Most driveways are paved with concrete.  However, concrete cracks easily, gets stained, and needs a complete overhaul if damaged.  Paving stones, on the other hand, are not only aesthetically pleasing, but offer added value: Durable – Paving stones can handle the weight of vehicles without cracking like concrete. Sealants – Prevent stains from oil leaks […]

Porphyry Paver Landscaping Ideas

Porphyry pavers make an exceptional addition to any landscaping project.  They are durable, non-slippery, and even get more beautiful as they age.  Here are some ideas to incorporate porphyry into your next project: Replace old concrete slabs with pavers in your patio or BBQ area. Create a meandering path or walkway through your garden. Use […]

Porphyry: The stone for everyone

Putting Personality into Design People pour their heart and souls into their homes. Home is where special memories are created and milestone moments of people’s lives occur. So it makes sense that your home should reflect you, right? If you’re a functional, low maintenance person than porphyry pavers are for you. They require little to […]

Why Porphyry Makes the Perfect Paver

  Natural Stone Pavers Last a Lifetime Porphyry deposits are formed when a column of rising magma is cooled in two stages.  In the first stage, the magma is cooled slowly in the earth’s crust. In the second stage the magma cools rapidly at a shallow depth (or as it erupts from a volcano). Although used […]

The Norwegian Method to prevent grout failure

Use the Norwegian Method as a unit paver joint failure solution! A common problem in cold places, unit paver (brick, concrete, natural stone) installation begin to break apart and the grout fails. Heavy freeze thaw areas only make this problem worse. Milestone Imports?provides sanded epoxy jointing mortars which?stops that from happening! These products have been […]

GftK sanded epoxy Jointing Mortar case study

Several years ago Milestone Imports was contacted by a frustrated shopping center owner in Illinois. He had purchased Porphyry pavers for a center he was improving. After just one very cold winter his installation was beginning to fail. For Milestone Imports, GftK sanded epoxy Jointing Mortar was the clear choice.  The jointing material was degrading allowing […]

Natural Stone Permeable Paving System

Permeable paving systems are getting a lot of attention and are becoming a part of construction codes in many areas recognizing the need for innovative storm water management measures. [gdlr_button href=”” target=”_self” size=”medium” background=”#b0241d” color=”#ffffff” with_border=”yes” border_color=”#990000″]Download a PDF of this article[/gdlr_button] Low impact, sustainable permeable paving systems (SPPS) have been used throughout Europe for […]

Project Feature: Alamo, CA.

A beautiful home with a captivating view resting on the top of a hill outside of Oakland See more projects in our GalleryAt first site you could see that the Alamo, CA lot was going to be a challenge. The driveway would be a short, steep climb up to the crest of the hill. The […]

Sawn Edge vs. Snap Edge

Sawn Edge vs. Snap Edge porphyry can make a big difference in the look and feel of your final installation. A sawn edge gives a clean, straight, smooth edge that allows you to put the tiles closer together with a minimal grout joint, as little as 3/16 of an inch. [gdlr_button href=”” target=”_self” size=”medium” background=”#b0241d” color=”#ffffff” […]

Porphyry Green Attributes

Sustainability Porphyry is a type of igneous rock which, along with granite and other rock formations, makeup approximately 95 percent of the worlds “crust” which contributes to porphyry green attributes. These rocks are the result of intense volcanic activity begun over 260 million years ago. Highly valued for its appearance, Porphyry natural stone pavers have […]