Notable Project – Porphyry Pavers and Sanded Epoxy Jointing Mortar

Location: Central Oklahoma In designing their large, elegant property, the homeowners wanted an entrance and driveway to complement their new home and create a bold statement. They wanted a beautiful, quality, low-maintenance solution. Inspired by a classic European stone theme, the final product would need to create visual interest and take into account the terrain […]

Sustainable Permeable Paving System

Sustainable Permeable Paving System There is a lot of information on the numerous Permeable Paving Design Concepts and the different materials being offered in today’s market place. Many are flawed in there design limiting weight and traffic and most require increasing maintenance over the years. It is much more difficult to find solid information on […]

3 Types of Material for Your Driveway

Gravel – Gravel is one of the most popular types of material to use for driveways in the US. It’s cheap and easy to install. It does have a downside, though. The maintenance can be extremely hard, especially if you’re in a snowy region. Stone tiles – If you’re looking for a style that will […]

Using Porphryry To Enhance Your Home's Look

Porphryry is a type of stone used for its beauty, function, and durability, and if you’re a homeowner, you should use it to provide an unrivaled aesthetic that will properly express yourself and compliment your home. Since your home is an extension of your personality, you’re going to want choices and fortunately, there are a […]

3 Tips for Increasing Patio Durability

Weatherproof Fabrics: Are you worried about the elements ruining your patio furniture? Recover every piece with weatherproof fabrics, to help increase their abilities to weather every storm. Enclose: A great way to keep the elements away from your patio is by enclosing it in a permanent or retractable screen. These screens can also help protect […]

3 Great Materials for Paving Your Driveway

Cement: Cement is an easily moldable and cost effective material for driveway paving. Brick: Bricks lend a classic look to any driveway. Whether they are laid in a basket weave, herringbone, or radius pattern, bricks give homeowners the opportunity to customize their driveways with a unique pattern all their own.  Porphyry: Are you looking to […]

Resurgence in the use of paving stones

Porphyry paving stones and cobblestones have been used globally for millennia in streets and roadways because of their durable nature. In theUnited States stone paving represented growth and stability as great cities developed at ocean and river ports through out the country and were used as a stable foundation for commerce. Cobblestone streets, used for […]