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Porphyry is chosen for its beauty, function, and durability. Despite being commonly referred to as cobblestone paving, it is a type of block paving. Porphyry provides an unrivaled aesthetic and defines the importance of a place. Porphyry makes an indelible impression as a critical element in European plazas and streets. It adds richness, color, and beauty to landscape design.

Milestone Imports has been importing porphyry pavers and paving stone since 1998. We pride ourselves on expert knowledge of the stone, its use, and installation techniques. We’ve built a system of quality control, logistics, and service that ensures high quality, reliability, consistency, and satisfaction to our clients.


Notable Project – Porphyry Pavers & Sanded Epoxy Jointing Mortar

In designing their large, elegant property, the homeowners wanted an entrance and driveway to complement their new home and create a bold statement. They wanted a beautiful, quality, low-maintenance solution. Read more >

Porphyry Paver Landscaping Ideas

Porphyry pavers make an exceptional addition to any landscaping project.  They are durable, non-slippery, and even get more beautiful as they age.  Here are some ideas to incorporate porphyry into your next project. Read more >


Porphyry: The stone for everyone

If you’re a functional, low maintenance person than porphyry pavers are for you. They require little to no maintenance, are water permeable, and supply long-lasting durability. If you’re all about the beauty of a space, porphyry pavers are also for you. Read more >

Why Porphyry Makes the Perfect Paver

Porphyry deposits are formed when a column of rising magma is cooled in two stages.  In the first stage, the magma is cooled slowly in the earth’s crust. In the second stage the magma cools rapidly at a shallow depth (or as it erupts from a volcano). Read more >



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