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Conditions of Sale

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Quotations are based on information received from the client and are estimates.

All prices are based on our current price list starting 12/1/11 through 12/31/12. Shipping is not included unless
expressly indicated.

If shipping is indicated and included in the quotation:

  1. Prices are subject to change based on quantities ordered.
  2. Transportation from the quarry can accommodate up to 22 tons per truck.
  3. More or fewer trucks or containers may be necessary if quantities change.

All square foot orders shipped are based on weight conversions estimated at the minimum area per pound to be

Taxes will be charged where applicable.


A 50% deposit is required with all special orders and is non-refundable. The balance is due on receipt of the
material. Payment may be made by wire transfer, check or other prearranged, accepted, written payment
method. Orders are subject to cancellation at our discretion.

Performance Bond.

The Buyer shall procure a special guaranty of bond for the performance of all payments due under
this Contract. This is a guaranty of payment(s) of principal and interest of a specific bond. Although
the guaranty is expressly subject to the terms of the bond, the guaranteed creditor’s failure to require
strict performance of the bond terms does not release the guarantor. In addition, the bond may be
altered, amended, or modified without releasing the guarantor, provided that the principal amount
owed under the bond may not be increased without the guarantor’s prior written consent.


We cannot be responsible for delays caused by vendor/shipper strikes, catastrophes, weather or any other
delays beyond our control.


Natural stones are products of nature and no two pieces are exactly alike. All products sold are subject to
variation in color, veining, thickness, sizing and finish. You and/or your installer must inspect material prior to
installation and prepare any blending required to meet owner/buyer approval. Absolutely no allowance made
on any product after installation. Under NO circumstances will our responsibility exceed the cost price of the
product to our customer.

The parties agree, accept and understand that all provisions of Article 2, Uniform Commercial Code, apply to
this contract.


Shipping from the quarry is an additional charge unless otherwise expressly indicated at the time of sale.

Customers may choose to arrange their own shipping or choose to have Milestone Imports arrange shipping.


  1. If the customer chooses to arrange shipping, Milestone Imports is released from any responsibility regarding
    the transportation of the materials including but not limited to loss or damage and can not intervene with the
    transportation companies, federal agencies etc.in the event of a problem.
  2. Milestone will provide documentation, including Bill of Lading and Shipping Label Waivers as required for
    international border crossings by federal agencies.


If the customer elects to have Milestone Imports arrange transportation, Milestone Imports accepts
responsibility for:

  • Providing and receiving acceptance of shipping quote
  • Picking up of the material from the quarry
  • Transporting material to and across international border(s) or to the
  • Working with Customs Brokers to ensure all regulations are followed
  • Informing the customer of the progress of the shipment
  • Notifying the customer of the approximate deliver date
  • Maintaining communication between quarry, shipper and customer.

Milestone Imports accepts no responsibility for delays in shipment due to equipment problems, security
delays at the border, customs delays, or circumstances beyond our control. Orders should be placed
within a time frame that allows appropriate time for order production and transportation.