About Milestone Imports

Milestone Imports has been importing and distributing Porphyry in the United States and Canada since 1998. Today it is a leader in bringing exceptional value and service to our customers by representing Porphyry quarries from around the world including Mexico and Patagonia.

We have developed a simple threefold equation for success;

  1. Find a high quality stone product with natural properties that make it a high value for multiple applications.
  2. Identify the critical steps in bringing that product to market.
  3. Design and implement a delivery and support system to maximize the value of the installed product.

Miles Chaffee, founder and President of Milestone Imports has been in the stone business for more than 20 years. He travels the world to establish and maintain relationships with quarries and factories. Drawing upon the vast knowledge and experience of Porphyry experts from around the world, Milestone Imports has established guidelines, specifications and instructions for design, application and installation. This information is available via telephone, online, in our complete Installation Manual or in-person, depending on your needs. We analyze your project to determine and document the highest value solution among possible products.

Our commitment is to deliver premium stone products, keeping shipping timely and affordable and providing the necessary assistance to support high quality design, application and installation.  Let us show you what we mean.

Some of our work