We love large driveway projects and the equally large public plazas that Porphyry is being specified for.  At the same time, we get the same feeling when we see Porphyry used in any context and here are a few small, beautiful porphyry stone projects that caught our eye.  In both of these projects, Copper Mountain Porphyry is mixed with Patagonia Sierra Porphyry with 4″ x 4″ x 3″ thick dimensional stone.                                                                                                      Porphyry Portal               


The Portal at the right is one by Barbara Vadurro of Santa Fe and extends on to an adjacent patio.



The Fan Pattern used on the portal provides an old world texture that compliments the adobe structure it is part of and gives a timeless feeling to the setting.  The strength and durability of the stone will have it lasting for as long as the structure is there.  The combined colors of the Copper Mountain Porphyry and the Sierra Porphyry give a larger range of color than either separately. Porphyry Landing, Tread and House


This next project uses porphyry to create the proper riser height for two exsiting tread and riser ratios that were awkward. In addition to newly placed treads of 2-1/2″ thick, 12″ x Random Length Copper Mountain Porphyry,

the landing area is a mosaic of 3″ cubes, and 4″x4″ dimensional stone of Copper Mountain and Sierra. The center stone is a rare Green Porphyry with some 3″ cubes of Green Porphy at the corners.                                                                                                


Porphyry Landing with Stair Tread


Porphyry Stair Tread


 This stair tread is a combination of 8″ x Random Length x 2-1/2″ thick Copper Mountain Porphyry wiith 4″ x 4″ material as accents.





  These Porpyry products are available from Milestone Imports.  For more information go to – www.milestoneimports.com