Porphyry paving is seen in some of the most romantic places. A recent blog by Kaid Benfield showcases these magical romantic urban settings around the world.  What is common to all of these is that they contain stone to walk on.  Why is it that when a place, a setting, stirs you and wants you to stroll, sit and watch, and share the experience, that it will be upon stone. Stone is an emotion evoking material and the material of memories. In a highly visual post for the romantic urbanists of the world, Benfield suggests some walkable places where you might want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special.

Benfield discusses the qualities that make for a romantic place, and he focuses on walkability.  In an extensive gallery of images, Benfield spreads the love to some of his photographer friends. 

If you had the good fortune to be in one of these special places on this recent Valentines Day, congratulations.   If you did not, there is almost a year to make your plans for 2013.

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Kaid Benfield writes (almost) daily about community, development, and the environment. Kaid is with the National Resource Defense Council. The staff blog is called Switchboard.  For more posts, see his blog’s home page  Photo Credit – La Citta Vita

Porphyry’s composition determines its high compression strength, resistance to stains, slip resistance, and high freeze/thaw ratings.  The stone is the most popular paver in Europe, and is favored for its flexibility in design, beauty, durability and low maintenance requirements. ADA Compliant Porphyry pavers are also adaptable to a permeable paving set. The stone is by far one of the most durable pavers in the world.  These materials are available from Milestone Imports.   –  www.milestoneimports.com