Permeable paving is increasingly being used to control water – both to control runoff and to return water to the aquifer through a filtering base.  Polluted runoff is a growing problem.  The cost of treating runoff is rising, stretching the budgets of municipal utilities.  The cost of not treating runoff is the destruction of lakes and streams.  Installing permeable paving can reduce runoff and provide an ongoing solution. 

There’s a versatile product that can be used with porphyry to make it permable – EcoSystems Grout.  It can be formulated as either permable, or non-permable joint material.

EcoSystems Grout

It’s an easy to use compound that mixes with sand and a little water.  Squeege the mix into the joints, and let it dry.  It cleans up easily and cures quickly.  

The permeability of the joints can be seen in a video on their website EcoSystems Grout. Unlike other permeable paving systems, EcoSystems grout doesn’t require the maintenance regimens of other permeable jointing material.

EcoSystems Grout, once cured, has a structural element to it, adding stability to the paving plane and assisting the interlock.  Used in a permeable formulation, it can return water to the aquifer if the paving surface is set over an appropriately structured permeable base.  See our drawings for more information on base structure.


Porphyry Fan

I have worked with it as well as observed installations firsthand.  The absorbtion rate is incredible and exceeds the absorbtion rates of conventional aggregates.  For more information, visit the EcoSystems website