La Posada de Santa Fe

A porphyry circle at La Posada de Santa Fe was removed and replaced by Avants Stone.  In a previous article, the problems with the installation were outlined: canyon cut porphyry; stone from the less stable edge of the quarry; and wide joints. 

This is what the porphyry looked like before:

Canyon cut porphyry at La Posada

Here is the finished installation using Copper Mountain porphyry:

Copper Mountain porphyry circle at La Posada

The stone quality and installation are far superior to what they replaced.  What was a hazard for pedestrians has been raised to a higher standard.  Paving is part of the background in a place like La Posada but details and finishes like this matter.  Replacing the old porphyry with concrete pavers or stamped concrete would have rendered the circle ordinary.

In addition, because of its elevation, Santa Fe has more freeze thaw cycles than even colder climates.  Concrete doesn’t last well, particulary in paving.  UV from the sun, abrasion from snow removal equipment, and snow melt chemicals begin to break down concrete almost immediately.  Porphyry is more than double the compresive strength of concrete and its color is natural and doesn’t fade in the sun.  The natural texture of porphyry is another reason to choose it – it is more durable than flamed granite.

The best reason to choose porphyry is its beauty.  There is nothing manmade that can equal it.  Few other stones have its depth and range of color.