Regardless of porphyry pavers remarkable physical characteristics, it is generally purchased or specified because of its beauty.  Even though it would be at the top of any list in terms of strength, durability, low impact quarrying and low coefficient of absorption, the overwhelming reason it is being used is the beauty part. Throughout history, despite difficulty in transporting the stone great distances, porphyry was sought out for its beauty. Today, with efficiencies of transport and quarrying, the stone can be in North America with affordable characteristics.

Porphyry Bell Tower Floor resized 600

How do we define that quality and label it on this natural product?  A story, a work of art, a face, a designed object — how do we tell that something is beautiful? And why does it matter so much to us? Designer Richard Seymour explores our response to beauty and the surprising power of objects that exhibit it.

In his 18 minute TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) talk, “Do we actually think beauty, or do we feel it?”  Seymour presents his thoughts on what makes beauty and its role in his design work.

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About TED

There’s a project out there called TED Talks, one where the brightest minds our society has to offer come together and make compact speeches on amazing and earth-changing topics

The Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conferences aim to help foster a better future by mining the ideas of “the world’s smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries and most-inspiring teachers.”

TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as an annual conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design, but it has since evolved into an extensive set of events and activities crafted to inspire and spread great ideas for changing the world. The annual TED conference in Long Beach,CA is the main event — a meeting with influential and impactful speakers like Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Tim Berners-Lee, James Cameron, Murray Gellman and Bill Gates. To spread the best ideas, TED freely distributes videos of the TED Talks (never exceeding 18 minutes) via the web.  By June 2011 viewing of TED Talks exceeded 500 million.


Porphyry’s composition determines its high compression strength, resistance to stains, slip resistance, and high freeze/thaw ratings.  The stone is the most popular paver in Europe, and is favored for its flexibility in design, beauty, durability and low maintenance requirements. ADA Compliant Porphyry pavers are also adaptable to a permeable paving set. The stone is by far one of the most durable pavers in the world.  These beautiful materials are available from Milestone Imports.   –