High-performance mortars from German market-leader, GftK are coming to the US.  GftK is the clear European market and technology leader in Pavement Jointing Mortars for use with all types of natural stone and quality concrete block paving – for both new work and refurbishment projects.

The product range includes systems for all different sizes of joint and all different traffic loads – from patios to commercial pedestrian areas, to paved areas with occasional light to heavy vehicles, plus heavy vehicle turning, unloading and hard standing areas.

The GftK Jointing Mortars are all produced in Germany, fully in accordance with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001. The GftK range includes paving jointing mortars that are ideal for garden patios and pathways, driveways and car parking areas, town center streets and pavements, commercial developments, historic market squares, and in a variety of shades to suit the clients’ needs.

In fact any important area of quality paving that is designed to look good and be cost effective, with the optimum durability of these expensive natural hard surfacing materials actually being achieved, without the premature failures so often seen from inadequate sand and cement based mortars, or inferior so called ‘geo or air drying resin’ products sold as wide jointing compounds.

Germany leads the pavement mortar industry and when pacesetter manufacturers GftK were looking for a partner to handle the exclusive United  States distribution of GftK Epoxy Pavement Jointing Mortars, they were delighted to find Milestone Imports to make a commitment to effective and reliable distribution.

Gftk products are highly respected in Germany due to their reliable performance and ongoing development.  This commitment to engineering the best possible range of jointing mortars has resulted in them leading the highly competitive German market, and in gaining a reputation in a large number of other countries throughout Europe.

Rhens on the Rhein

GftK Epoxy Pavement Jointing Mortars  offer durable high performance with:

 Three of the most used products:

GftK vdw 855, commonly used on stone and manufactured paver streets. This product is well known for its years of extremely low maintenance cost in all conditions! It has a very low permeability rate of approximately 2 cups per minute per 10 sf at 20% joints. It has a very high compressive strength of 6,500 psi. (high performance for heavy traffic loads)

Gftk vdw 850, for light traffic and sidewalks.  This has a medium permeability rate of 2 quarts / min/ 10 sfat 20% joints. Its compressive strength is 3,625 psi at 20% joints. (High performance for medium traffic)

GftK vdw 800 has an exceptionally high permeability rate of 16 gallons / min / 10sf at 20% joints. Its compressive strength is moderate at 2,175 psi. (High performance for light to medium traffic)

Milestone Imports is the US exclusive importer/distributor of GftK.  Milestone Imports is available in United States to provide full technical assistance on GftK pavement jointing mortars. On-site support is also available.  For more advice or assistance with your specific project including the right jointing product, the estimated consumption, and the estimated time required for application, plus any other aspect of paving jointing, grouting, pointing or repointing please call Miles at 866.641.1999 or contact through www.milestoneimports.com