Protecting and extending the life of paved surfaces like those with porphyry stone, the jointing product vdw 855 is utilized. Vdw 855, manufactured by GftK, is commonly used on stone and manufactured paver streets.  This product is well known for its years of extremely low maintenance cost in all conditions.  It has a very low permeability rate of approximately 2 cups per minute per 10 sf at 20% joints.  It has a very high compressive strength of 6,500 psi. (high performance for heavy traffic loads)

Case Study with vdw 855

Leading to the historic St Marys Church at Hitchin in Hertfordshire is the equally historic Church Road, with many listed buildings that are now home to popular shops, pubs and restaurants. As a result it is subject to frequent pedestrian and vehicle traffic, including heavy delivery trucks and brewery drays.
Hertfordshire Highways and their Consultants have recently completed refurbishing the granite sett paving, which are similar to porphyry, and after extensive investigation and trials on site, they specified GftKs vdw 855 Paving Joint Mortar from NCC Streetscape. This unique jointing mortar was clearly and by far the most cost effective and practical solution for busy highways areas. The 855 Grade is ideal for durable jointing and pointing where the paving is designed to accommodate all kinds of heavy traffic loadings for highways and many other trafficked or hard standing areas.
As with the whole purpose-designed range of GftKs Paving Jointing Mortars, it is easily applied by fast wet slurry application, including at low temperatures and in wet weather, even in the pouring rain! The vdw 855 Jointing Mortar then cures rapidly and provides a durable paved surface that is fully resistant to traffic, mechanical road sweepers and freeze-thaw cycling in winter.
The product data sheet for the vdw 855 high performance jointing mortar is available for download here.
Download the Data Sheet
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