Sustainable Permeable Paving System

There is a lot of information on the numerous Permeable Paving Design Concepts and the different materials being offered in today’s market place. Many are flawed in there design limiting weight and traffic and most require increasing maintenance over the years. It is much more difficult to find solid information on a Sustainable Permeable Paving System. A system that works with limited maintenance and high traffic loads and can be expected to work well for decades!

Low impact, sustainable permeable paving systems (SPPS) have been used through out Europe for decades proving with the test of time that it is possible, when done correctly, with the best materials, utilizing the right applications! Costly limitations have been addressed, creating strong values and lasting durability. Borrowing from the past and reaching into the future it is now possible to have exceptional and sustainable permeable paving offering high performance for light, medium and high traffic loads!

Three ingredients of a successful system are:

  1. A design that includes an engineered sub-straight allowing for proper drainage with an overflow outlet
  2. High density paving stones with low porosity and rough but straight edges to help with interlock. The most commonly used stone pavers are a type of granite called Porphyry
  3. Permeable sanded epoxy jointing mortar designed specifically for different traffic densities and road conditions. The leader in this industry is the GftK line of vdw jointing mortars with manufacturing facilities in Germany with distributors in the US and Europe.

The many projects in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and busy city streets in England, France and Germany and more are examples of this proven success in the toughest climates and high traffic roadways.

This system is:


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