Use the Norwegian Method as a unit paver joint failure solution!

Cracking is a sign of grout failure from heavy traffic or harsh freeze-thaw cycles.

A common problem in cold places, unit paver (brick, concrete, natural stone) installation begin to break apart and the grout fails. Heavy freeze thaw areas only make this problem worse.
Milestone Imports?provides sanded epoxy jointing mortars which?stops that from happening! These products have been around Europe and the Scandinavian countries where unit pavers are very common for decades with an incredible record of success.
The producer of these products is GftK in Germany.
The method that they use in Norway for driveways, parking lots, streets, roundabouts and other heavy traffic areas is simple but extremely effective, it is known as the Norwegian Method.



Download a PDF diagram of the Norwegian Method here

GftK vdw 855 can be installed in the rain with the temperature going down to 38 degrees and be ready in a few days to drive on. It is de-icing salts and street sweeper resistant.

manhole-norwegian-methodslab-norwegian-methodSo if you’re looking for a durable, long lasting solution to an age old problem that will save you money this is it. Time tested in extreme climates.
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