The Economic Value of Porphyry Paving

When working on a renovation or architectural project of any size, the strength, durability, and reputation of the materials applied are not to be overlooked. The thousands of years of success exhibited with the use of Porphyry paving present a clear picture of how powerful and aesthetically pleasing products can create a high economic value, […]

Porphyry and the value of distinctive paving materials

Stone pavers like porphyry and its more expensive granite cousin are being designed into numerous places in Toronto.  This blog has previously highlighted the wonderful designs and work by WaterFront Toronto, now the nearby entertainment district is re-imagining one of their main streets. Distinctive paving materials and patterns are a necessary part of the project […]

Resurgence in the use of paving stones

Porphyry paving stones and cobblestones have been used globally for millennia in streets and roadways because of their durable nature. In theUnited States stone paving represented growth and stability as great cities developed at ocean and river ports through out the country and were used as a stable foundation for commerce. Cobblestone streets, used for […]

Porphyry Cubes and Governors Island

Porphyry like paving cubes are used throughout the renderings of this new park designed by a team under West 8, the landscape and urban planning firm. In the past few years, Governors Island, the former military base in New York Harbor, has become the “it” summer destination for savvy New Yorkers. With free ferry service […]

Queens Quay remake begins

Porphyry like natural stone cobbles and setts are front and center in several of Waterfront Toronto’s projects, adding permanence, beauty and creating a fundamental sense of place. The role of natural stone is evident throughout many of the projects. Granite is used in these, but porphyry could be substituted for the same durable and attractive […]

Porphyry Featured in new Diesel Headquarters

Porphyry stone pavers were chosen for the pedestrian walkways and gardens of the new Diesel Headquarters.  It is located in Breganze, a town in the northern Italian province of Vicenza.  Diesel S.p.A. is an Italian design company. It is best known for luxury, ready to wear, clothing aimed at the young adult market. The architect for the […]

Porphyry, Walt Disney and the Architecture of Reassurance

Porphyry and What Walt Disney knew about cities. Walt Disney knew the impact on the senses of cobblestoned streets and plazas. In recent years Disney-urbanism has colonized authentic cities. Urban entertainment districts such as South Street Seaport in New York, Quincy Market in Boston, and Harbor Place in Baltimore are good examples. South Street Seaport […]

Porphyry salutes award winning Sugar Beach

The use of traditional stone similar to Porphyry pavers are part of the award winning design of this urban park. Canada’s Sugar Beach is a whimsical new park that transformed a surface parking lot in a former industrial area into Toronto’s second urban beach at the water’s edge.  Part of the multi-faceted Waterfront Toronto project […]

Porphyry spotlights Via Manin project

The Porphyry setts, used on Via Manin are unique in terms of physical, chemical, geological and mineralogical properties with features that distinguish it from all other stones. Via Manin is located in the heart of Mestre.  It is an important road that ends up in Piazza Ferretto, the elegant center of this Veneto city.  Via […]

Porphyry Salutes Michael Van Valkenburg Associates

Porphyry paving stone, with its natural beauty and physical qualities is a material that will enhance Austin’s Waller Creek project. “Waller Creek represents the largest urban creek in the nation to undergo the level of transformation the conservancy envisions.  This project will completely transform how disconnected entities and interests relate and interact with each other. […]