When reflecting on the project details for a client who desired a brand new home in Norman, Oklahoma, Milestone Imports can’t overlook the success of incorporating picture-perfect Porphyry stone that is equally as durable as it is stunning. 

For this particular endeavor, Milestone brought in their best designer to install two different color Porphyry stones — Storm Grey and Copper Mountain. The client found Milestone Imports online and wanted to construct a unique driveway via contrasting colored Porphyry to create a mixture of patterns and borders for the final product. 

What resulted in a driveway/entrance way packed with 25,000 square feet of stone proved the exceptionality of Stone Paving Technologies’ GftK jointing mortar (grout), too. With no desire to mess around with the long-lasting durability of this client’s brand new driveway, GftK was the obvious choice to avoid a steady stream of maintenance down the road. (No pun intended!)

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