Santa Fe, New Mexico is no stranger to extremely hot and dry summers. But many overlook the incredible temperature swings that plague the area come winter — and the influx of snow that hit the city’s homes every year. 

For this particular residence in Santa Fe, the client desired an entrance way packed with Porphyry stone that would compliment the property’s current aesthetics and elegance. However, as the property is located uphill from the hub of Santa Fe and located at 7,200 feet elevation, the stone needed to be installed over a snow melt system for optimal weather protection.

For installation of the Storm Grey 4×4 Porphyry stone in a running bond pattern, Milestone turned to Stone Paving Technologies’ GftK jointing mortar (grout). By combining the extremely durable stone that holds a strength of 27,550 PSI (pounds per square inch) with GftK jointing mortar on top of a snow melt system, the Santa Fe project resulted in a residence adored by the client for its unique beauty and strength to last a lifetime.

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