Deemed as an “intersection of nature and nurture”, The Santa Lucia Preserve location in Carmel, California is rich with history and a timeless design. While the 20,000 acres of protected land date back to The Rumsen American Indians, Santa Lucia Preserve was bought by an investment company in the 1990’s and converted to a private ranch community. 

Abiding by permanent conservation agreements, the community upheld by only 300 homeowners maintains beauty and decadence by “treading lightly on the land”. Equipped with 365 acres of land, Santa Lucia Preserve’s golf course was expanded to include a clubhouse that is congruent with the historic look and feel of the preserve’s homes and surrounding areas. The Santa Lucia Preserve turned to Milestone Imports for a stone that would align with the look and feel that has been displayed for centuries — and were pleased to discover Copper Mountain Porphyry. 

Milestone’s solution for the design of Santa Lucia’s golf clubhouse included 4×4 pavers to instill beauty and functionality while working well with architectural elements and native surroundings. When it came down to the process of choosing the stone that would fit Santa Lucia Preserve’s aura, the client found solace in exploring Milestone Imports’ Porphyry Manual for more detail on aesthetics and durability.

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