A property owned by Stanford University, The Rosewood Hotel located in Palo Alto, California is a perfect depiction of the elegance and classic design that emanates from the surrounding areas. Considering Milestone Imports’ 15-year history of providing Stanford University with aesthetic yet durable Porphyry stone, The Rosewood Hotel’s desire for a stone that pairs well with the community’s terracotta red made sense.

There’s no questioning that the property’s main circle driveway radiates a high-end look and feel as it is frequently occupied by a sports car or two. The “Silicon Valley energy” was maintained and enhanced with the addition of The Rosewood Hotel’s circle driveway constructed with Storm Grey 4×4 Porphyry pavers — alluring pieces of stone from Milestone Imports that hold a compressive strength of 27,557 PSI (pounds per square inch). 

While jointing mortar is a go-to installation method of Milestone Imports, we opted for sand-setting on this specific project to incorporate optimal flexibility within the design.

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