Porphyry and the Quality of Place

Can beautiful Porphyry pavers make you smarter, more creative and like your community more?  From three diverse expert sources comes information about how the built environment affects people and why it matters. Academy for Neuroscience for Architecture This is admittedly an abstract concept, to help explain, architects often tell this story: Early in his career, when […]

Porphyry, Placemaking and Public Space

Porphyry stone paving can be an essential ingredient, one of many, that contributes the element of permanence, beauty and sustainability to a place. It is a material that defines a space as comfortable, memorable, elegant and special.  It helps people want to go there. Public spaces are increasingly being recognized as a crucial ingredient for […]

Porphyry – Stone Surfaces 2

Porphyry stone pavers can have a unique place in the design of any outdoor area. Stone is undoubtedly the first natural material which was used to create stable surfaces which could withstand heavy loads, making it possible for people to walk around easily, even when it was raining – safe and comfortable at the same […]