Natural Stone Permeable Paving System

Permeable paving systems are getting a lot of attention and are becoming a part of construction codes in many areas recognizing the need for innovative stormwater management measures.   The primary purpose in the design of a permeable paving system is to effectively reduce and manage the quantity of surface rain water runoff while accommodating […]

Porphyry Paving – The Financial Value

The tradition of stone paving with stones like Porphyry is centuries old.  Most of our stone knowledge comes from the European quarries and stonemasons.  This blog presents research involving the paving and hardscape designs with natural stone. So much of this research emanates from Europe and the United Kingdom.  Part of this is because of […]

Porphyry Paving with Smolleri

Porphyry paving with  Smolleri or “Slabs on Edge” is traditionally used  for paving surfaces on steep slopes as they present the maximum roughness and the natural split surface is used as a decking for grip.  Smolleri are ideal for the paving of roundabouts and other high stress traffic situations. Smolleri can add textural variation to  contemporary paving schemes […]

Porphyry – Integrating Stone and Water

The notebook from Pierres et Marbres called Stone in the Garden – Water 06 is a beautiful treatise on the design of the landscape.  The projects presented in this notebook illustrate some of the natural and contemporary ways of integrating stone and water into a garden and the spiritual enrichment with stones like Porphyry.  Stone […]

Porphyry Paving by the Book

When we look at a finished residential Porphyry paving project, we are taken with the beauty and symmetry of the finished project. Back up for a moment and think of the design process, the selection of material, the estimating, the grading, the drainage decisions, the layers of material we no longer see, and you will […]

Porphyry and Living Streets

Porphyry stone surfaces on sidewalks, streets and plazas create memorable and enchanting environments. Stone is prominent in our most cherished streets worldwide. They were developed before the age of the automobile.  These historic and human scaled streets invite people to spend time there. Today, society is moving toward a more sustainable way of life, with […]

Porphyry and Stone Interiors

Natural stone like Porphyry is making a great comeback in homes with a contemporary design. Stone is non polluting, durable, maintainable and sometimes more affordable than in the past and appeals to designers and project owners alike, attracted by stone’s timeliness. Another in the fabulous Stone Notebooks series, devoted to Stone and Architecture – Interiors is available […]

Porphyry and New City Spaces

Porphyry and other stone pavers are throughout this book about important examples of urban public spaces worldwide. The upsurge in interest in public spaces and public life over the past twenty five years has generated an impressive array of city plans, public space strategies, and designs. This book presents an overview of this development and […]

Porphyry and Urban Streets

“We go back to some streets more often than to others… maybe a street unlocks memories or offers expectation of something pleasant to be seen…streets are places of social and commercial encounter and exchange…a place to be comforted by the presence of others.”  – From Great Streets by Allan B Jacobs Porphyry pavers have been used […]

Porphyry and the Color of the Year 2013

Porphyry paving and the green lushness of the landscape go hand in hand. “Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum, as it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal […]