Porphyry And Great Places

Stone such as Porphyry pavers is used in the special public squares that are famous in North America.

Is Porphyry Coming To Tulsa

We will be surprised if Porphyry stone pavers are not part of the final designs for Tulsas new gathering place – Blair Mansion

Porphyry Two Birds With One Stone

With Porphyry in mind, there are opportunites with remnant pieces of our cities to create long lasting beauty for our cities and their inhabitants.

Porphyry In The Urban Alley

Porphyry stone pavers elevate the lowly alley into public space, immediately providing the atmosphere of elegance and permanence.

Porphyry Bends At Monza

At the time of their installation, curves using porphyry pavers were the most technically appropriate materials known for this race course.