A Porphyry installation video of a beautiful cobblestone pathway is educational. This short (2:21) segment showing two posers (layers) and a helper laying overlapping arcs with 4” (8-10cm) porphyry cubes, demonstrates an effortless seeming process of a traditional setting method that dates back centuries.  The stone setting skill of these two is highly refined and belies the years of training and experience they demonstrate.



Porphyry paving is an old world material, a type of volcanic igneous rock. This material used with installation professionals can achieve stunning areas that will heighten the aesthetic value of the surroundings.  Cubes lend themselves to many different patterns. It is exciting to watch this installation performance.

The overlapping arc pattern is the most wide spread pattern that easily suits every kind of area.  This is the reason it is also called “normal” lying.  This and other patterns along with stone installation techniques can be found in the Milestone Imports Porphyry Manual available in digital form on our website.  Milestone brings porphyry to all North American destinations.

D  PORPHYRY PHOTOS MASTER LIBRARY 2001 2006 Mexico Projects Juriqilla Juraqilla 09 resized 600

Overlapping arc patterns have been used all over Europe beacuse the strength of the pattern.  It is stable on uphill grades and resists the forces of turning traffic.  The compresive strength of the stone combined with this pattern makes this method of porphyry paving the most durable.