Laying Specification – "Porphyry Pavers for Vehicular Traffic"

Porphyry Driveways, Porphyry Streets, Porphyry Plazas all can benefit from this installation specification.  The Sustainability, Beauty, and Life Cycle Cost of natural stone pavers is an ever increasing choice for hardscape designers.  The techniques and skills for laying these stones has more roots in Europe than in North America and even there, the word of […]

Porphyry Pavers: Aspect Ratio, Plan Ratio, Plan Area, Modular Ratio

The shape of the stone unit determines how the stone surface responds under load and the way in which the load will be resisted.  Certain shapes of units are better suited to particular forms of construction.  While they all can be appropriate for pedestrian use, driveway and city streets have tighter parameters to pay attention […]

Laying Porphyry Paving "Pose de Paves"

A Porphyry installation video of a beautiful cobblestone pathway is educational. This short (2:21) segment showing two posers (layers) and a helper laying overlapping arcs with 4” (8-10cm) porphyry cubes, demonstrates an effortless seeming process of a traditional setting method that dates back centuries.  The stone setting skill of these two is highly refined and […]