Porphyry Driveways, Porphyry Streets, Porphyry Plazas all can benefit from this installation specification.  The Sustainability, Beauty, and Life Cycle Cost of natural stone pavers is an ever increasing choice for hardscape designers.  The techniques and skills for laying these stones has more roots in Europe than in North America and even there, the word of mouth, father to son training has required formalizing the methodology as each generation loses some of the knowledge.

Unbound refers to flexible paving vs. rigid paving.  There is no cement used in the sub base, base, or jointing materials.  The interlock achieved by proper installation, compacting and edge restraints creates a resilient, load bearing, lifetime surface.  This method is very easily repaired if digging up utilities at a later date is necessary.

 Setts often are incorrectly called cobblestone and in the literature are interchangeable. Technically the sett is a broadly rectangular quarried stone. The laying specification here is for cubes of 6cm-8cm in fans and arcs.

   The Ancient Art of Installing Porphyry (Small)


 Laying Specification, Porphyry, Porphyry Pavers 

 From the British stone supplier CED, comes this laying specification which we are fortunate to have permission to distribute.  In the words of CED Managing Director Michael Heap – “All who create landscape have a great responsibility, for they form the space in which we live.  Our function is to facilitate that task.  For over 30 years, CED has developed and extended its range of natural stone products that has become the basis of good design with long-lasting results”

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The stone in the guide is Italian in origin, although applicable to any stratified porphyry such as the nearer source to North American markets of the Mexico porphyry quarried in Guanajuato and distributed by Milestone Imports –www.milestoneimports.com 

The guide “Laying Specification” covers all materials, pattern, estimating quantities, and step by step installation.

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Additional information on the British firm CED can be found at www.ced.ltd.uk