Porphyry History

Article about porphyry’s historic use, discovery, and use as paving by the Romans

Laying Specification – "Porphyry Pavers for Vehicular Traffic"

Porphyry Driveways, Porphyry Streets, Porphyry Plazas all can benefit from this installation specification.  The Sustainability, Beauty, and Life Cycle Cost of natural stone pavers is an ever increasing choice for hardscape designers.  The techniques and skills for laying these stones has more roots in Europe than in North America and even there, the word of […]

What is Porphyry?

What is Porphyry? Porphyry has been used as a paving surface as far back as the Roman era.  The Romans used it because it had a naturally flat, durable surface and the stone was easy to quarry. Traditional porphyry is a variable thickness stone.  It’s a type of granite that has naturally extruded through the […]