GftK Pavement Jointing Mortar Best Choice

GftK’s vdw 850 jointing mortar was selected for a sensitive project in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.  The old Market square project presented various challenges to dealing with the 750 sq. meter area of time worn granite and basalt setts.  Weather and disruption of business were among the many. Re-jointing was specified over re-laying and Vdw 850 was […]

Jointing Mortar for Porphyry Cubes

There is a jointing product designed for those closed or tight joints that are especially desirable in designs for Porphyry Cubes.  Vdw 805 from GftK is a high performance jointing mortar for narrow joints (> 3mm) in small format natural stone paving. This jointing material is appropriate for light to medium traffic loads, such as […]

vdw 850 Paving Jointing Mortar ideal for Town Center Porphyry

High performance vdw 850 paving jointing mortar from German manufacturer GftK was used in the streetscape design for a Scottish town center. The paving of Main Street and its surrounding areas in the Bellshill Town Centre redevelopment for North Lanarkshire Council, included Porphyry Granite Setts, Caithness Stone and Grey Granite edging blocks. These have all […]

GftK Paving Mortars Save Time and Money

The scheduled opening in March 2009 was fast approaching, and the February weather was cold and wet – totally unsuitable for pointing with cement based materials. However the contractor solved the problem by using GftK Epoxy Resin Pavement Jointing Mortars that enabled the work to continue whatever the weather, plus the majority of the joints […]

Heavy traffic paving with Porphyry stone

Protecting and extending the life of paved surfaces like those with porphyry stone, the jointing product vdw 855 is utilized. Vdw 855, manufactured by GftK, is commonly used on stone and manufactured paver streets.  This product is well known for its years of extremely low maintenance cost in all conditions.  It has a very low […]

Porphyry and Curbless Streets – Part 3

Porphyry paving can be a functional stormwater amenity as well as an aesthetic enhancement, when designed as permeable porphyry paving. This is accomplished with a high performance jointing mortar that is also permeable, vdw 800 by GftK.  In the examples of curbless streets in recent blogs, the main stormwater design depends on sheet flow to […]

Porphyry Pavers and GftK High Performance Jointing Mortars

Breakthrough high performance jointing mortars coupled with Porphyry stone paving products provides the strength, beauty and durability needed for commercial applications. The following project shows how these were used together in the Newark Market  Square in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Since 1999, Newark District Council has been undertaking an improvement program to the medieval market square using […]

Porphyry Pavement and High Performance Jointing Mortars

High-performance mortars from German market-leader, GftK are coming to the US.  GftK is the clear European market and technology leader in Pavement Jointing Mortars for use with all types of natural stone and quality concrete block paving – for both new work and refurbishment projects. The product range includes systems for all different sizes of […]