Porphyry and the Opus Incertum

Porphyry – Opus Incertum or Porphyry crazy paving is most suitable for surfacing external areas like patios, drives, pavements or external and internal wainscoting. It complements designs with water and vegetation, assuring warmth and color in the environment. Opus incertum (L, = irregular order pattern) Ancient roman technique in which the stones are arranged casually. Used […]

Porphyry Pavers – A Unifying Theme

Porphyry pavers ability to be used indoors and outdoors make the material perfect for connecting these spaces.  It can unify the architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.  The recent publication featured below, explores these vital connections and interfaces. “The current environmental crisis calls for a unified practice of landscape and architecture that would allow buildings […]

Porphyry The Power Of Beauty

Regardless of porphyry pavers remarkable physical characteristics, it is generally purchased or specified because of its beauty.